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Family center of Lithuania
Rotuses a. 23
44279 Kaunas, Lithuania

Family Center of Lithuania was established in 1990 as a part of the Lithuanian Caritas organizations; since 1997, it has been subordinate to the Lithuanian Conference of Bishops.

Now Family center of Lithuania (FCL) is an umbrella organization, which unites family centers of 7 dioceses of Lithuania.

There are 54 Family centers in Lithuania, which are coordinated by diocesan Family centers (FC of Vilnius Archdiocese, Kaunas Archdiocese, Panevezys, Siauliai, Kaisiadorys, Telsiai and Vilkaviskis dioceses). Diocesan Family centers are coordinated by Family Center of Lithuania.

FCL coordinates the activities of diocesan family centers while:

  • Preparing the youth for family life;
  • Preparing engaged couples for the Matrimony Sacrament;
  • Conducting family support programs and community development programs;
  • Seeks funding for all the family centers;
  • Represents family interests, encourages activity of the society;
  • Adapts and develops methodical material;
  • Organizes trainings for the staff and volunteers of family center

The Mission of family Center of Lithuania: to develop and support families on the basic of principles of Catholic morality.